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Monday, 7 February 2011

Festival Bunting

In summer 2010 we stayed in the Carrick Widden Flats in St Ives. I had just discovered the joys of overprinting two colours to make a third colour. I had decided to produce some test plate compositions to explore pattern and the over printing designs and colours during the holiday.  I produced 8 small square tests using red and blue ink and set about thinking about how I might use the technique.

The next day I had planned a solo excursion on a tourist boat to see a seal colony near St Ives. As I was sitting in the harbour waiting for the boat a small dilapidated vessel called the "Cornish Crest" arrived at Smeatons Pier. It was cheerily festooned with brightly coloured bunting. Inspired by the bunting I drew a quick sketch for "Festival Bunting" sitting on the bench in the harbour waiting to board the boat. (I went to see the seals - it was technically bumpy sea!) That night I carved the matrix for "Festival Bunting" from this quick sketch. The vinyl cut that was to become one of my first silk screen prints.


  1. I really like this print, especially for its simplicity and the overlaying of colours.

    I'm obsessed with techniques, how did you print this?

  2. I cut into stuff called vinyl cut (its a bit like lino but softer to cut.) I use a tiny woodcarving tool to carve. I print using watersoluble ink called "speedball" You can order both through a company called Lawrences Supplies.the final image for festival bunting was eventually enlarged on the B&W photocopier and printed as a two colour separation silk screen print (the image is transferred on to a screen using photosensitive emulsion and B & W acetate overlays)- for a d.i.y version google "gocco" a really great japanese home photo silk screen option - I would love to get my hands on one of those!