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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Colour Pink - "Old Skool / Art Skool #3"

For creative types it is a fine idea to get  diverted by a colour and let it dominate your thoughts and designs - Recently for me that colour has been "Very Pink" and I have put effort  into exploring its manifestations in nature, my clothing and printmaking.  Here are three examples of expression of "Very Pink":
1). My winter coat with a fetching digital laser cut mdf bird brooch on it. 2). My neighbours suberb Camilia 3). My recent Print "Figs and Lilies. Now  I can feel a blue/purple thing coming on.....



  1. Hi Laura,
    looks like you are in the right place, carving lino blocks!!! Love them, so fun and full of joy.... it's lovely to be in a pink period, me, I'm more in a purple turqoise kind of phase :o)

  2. Hi mariann - i will be checking out your blog to see how that rather delightful sounding colour manifests itself in the days and weeks to come in your work... - thanks for joining my blog too! :}