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Friday, 5 August 2011

Origami Prints

Returned from a two week trip to cornwall  - 1 week in a St Ives cottage and 1 week camping. Packed light but took these Tuttle Origami papers from Paperchase which were perfect for proofing these three new print designs. The paper comes in a mixed colour pack of  50 which is suits me when I am using black ink. The tree forms are inspired by cornwall. The characters of cats and foxes lurk around my back garden on the Wirral.


  1. hi Laura... hope you are well. Really like this range of prints; reminds me of some of imagery from Watership Down where the rabbit and other animal spirits sort of float around - and Simon and Garfunkel sing that oh so depressing song haha.

  2. Hi are you doing? have you got over the trauma of all that grafting for the degree? anyway I am not sure bout watership down (not in my all time fav anims) but simon and garfunkel aint so bad... r u bloggin or watchin come dine? - i have to confess to a bit of both.