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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Robot #1 - slow cooking

I keep about 9 sketchbooks on the go all different sizes and I try and do quick drawings in them whenever I can -recently came across some eye trust drawings (dont look at the paper - well you try!) I did from my collection of wind up robots back in 2003. Decided to spend a saturday trying out the new slow cooker and making the first of a planned series of prints based around robots that would appeal to the boys 
( Max and Ted.)

Over the course of the day reworked them to a 8cm x 8cm two matrix vinyl cut design making a visual play on the robots head and stylized tulip shape.(Don't ask me why!) Experimented with the tone of the red by adding dark blue ink to make maroon - added butterbeans to the slow cooked veggie stew. Don't know if the prints ready yet but the stew was del!

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