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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Water Horse

I have been trying out a sample pack of japanese printing papers, when they came this week I spent about half an hour just examining them with my finger tips they just feel and look extraordinary.  I  cut each sheet into four to make abuot 50 small sheets to work with.  - "Water Horse" is a small print I am working on in response to sketches I made this week in the Lady Lever Art Gallery at Port Sunlight, Wirral.  I visited the gallery with my eldest son Max who is doing a project on Port Sunlight. I decided to grab an hour there on my own the next day and took a brush pen and my Lyra pencils ( the artifacts in the collection are teeming with wonderful decoration.) 
I had about an hour and got completely absorbed by a pair of Ming Dynasty Syrup Ewers in the Chinese collection.The hour just flew by.  I was particularly taken with the animated water horses and the symbols around them. I started working out a new print when I got back - the results so far....

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  1. It is great fun to see a work in progress like this. It is interesting how you have kept the eastern view of the rolling waves in your final print.