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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Ink and Watercolour Comps

I am working on some larger print designs for a change.I drew two long sketches using a pocket  watercolour set and my favourite pentel brush pen. These will be  three colour prints - the largest I have done so far  - I like the idea of creating a different format of print that could lend itself to other outcomes such as wrapping paper, fabric or as a setting for an animation- I would really like to see the foxes scampering through the trees!

The first image of shells is a montage of real ones I have purchased over time on trips to Mousehole harbour - In the harbour there is a door with a table in front with bags of shells on it and a slot to post a one pound coin in - thats trust that is...
The second image "Aboretum" is a view from my back garden. Looking at in on the screen I see how my drawing style is influenced by UPA cartoons I watched as a kid on a big old telly -  my favourite being "The Unicorn in the Garden." The colours and compositions of these animations are superb.  Gerry Beck & Amid Amidi's excellent Cartoon Brew Blogged in November that a UPA compilation is due for release in the USA on March 2012 - hurray!  to find out more about Mr Magoo and friends check out :

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  1. These are beautiful, I especially like the shells and the pen strokes, fab!:)