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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Artichoke Award 2012

In 2012 I am hoping  to spend two weeks making some bigger prints at
I am delighted to have won the Artichoke Award 2012  for my first three colour print "seven birds"

On Thursday 12 April I travelled down to the opening and prize giving  London Print Studio for the 8th British Mini Print Exhibition; a touring exhibition organised by  Information about the tour for 2012 -2014 can be found here.  

I was a little nervous making my way to the exhibition by tube and arrived way too early and stood around for a bit marvelling at over 200 prints hanging in the space - eventually I launched into conversations with fellow exhibitors and I have to say it was a great night.

My old mate Gerry turned up and then Jayne another friend popped up by co-incidence. It felt like the start of a new creative adventure which will take me to Artichoke in Coldharbour Lane Brixton some time in the future - a world away from burnishing my prints by hand with a roller in my kitchen!

It will be fantastic to spend some time in London again & meet up with other artists,animators and designers. I am hatching plans to take advantage of the larger printing presses at Artichoke by upscaling my work.

Thanks to Margaret Ashman & the organising team at the Printmakers Council.

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