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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Aquatint etching with chine colle

This post documents stages of producing my first etching. It started with a drawing in my sketchbook which I used as a starting point. I prepared a degreased steel plate with a hard wax ground and scratched the image into this and left it in the etching solution. Next I worked out shades of grey I wanted and then applied a soft ground for the aquatint process. This was etched in five stages stopping out with acrylic stop out and immersing in the etching solution at intervals. The plate was cleaned and inked.Cut tissue paper shapes were added to the inked plate coated with a thin layer of glue before printing.

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  1. Great process shots, I am always very interested with behind scenes photos, there is so much more behind the piece of artwork if you know how much work it involved...