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Monday, 24 June 2013

Washi Paper Inspiration - John Purcell Paper

Last week I spent two days printing in Artichoke Print, Brixton - part of a residency prize that I won last year in the Printmakers Council 8th British International Mini Print. I had a brilliant time working on the large Rochet Etching Presses and watching other more experienced printmakers at work. (In the coming months I will be posting more about Artichoke)  
At the end of the second day I walked into Brixton to visit John Purcell Paper - I could only spend half an hour there so I asked to see Tissues and Washi papers suitable for Chine Colle and Relief Printing. The sample books were amazing and it would take a lifetime to understand the complexity and variety of specialist papers and what they can be used for. I quickly settled on two hand made exquisite papers: some Japanese Kitakata 30gsm and some Thai 3 Flakes 70gsm. As soon as I got home I started to work on a large relief print version of Tree & Spotted Deer using funky foam, and quick print foam with hand cut stencils testing out the paper : 





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