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Monday, 29 November 2010

Vinyl Cut Relief Print Making

To create a relief print like the ones featured on my site I draw a design in pencil onto a piece of vinyl or linoleum plate. I then carve into the pencil design onto the surface using small, specialist, woodcarving tools.  At certain points I will take a test print by rolling the surface of the plate with a thin layer of water based, block printing ink.  I place a piece of paper on top of the inked plate and press it into place by-hand using a clean roller. The ink is transferred onto the paper through this process of hand printing.
To create a second colour I carve an additional plate, with differences in the second design, then this plate is printed on top of the first colour.  Through over-printing I can introduce a third colour. Here are some images of plates I have carved in 2010.

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