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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Concertina Sketchbook - Design Classic

Finding space to art work is an issue for me and other artists and designers that juggle domesticity and practice  - this great new sketchbook from Seawhite a.k.a  has given me a flexible and at times expansive surface to work on -  I can spread out if I want to and then store it away in its hard case when I finish.
Concertina Sketchbook Ref: SBTCTA5  at £6.65 - the paper quality is high - its robust so it can really take a bashing with ink, paint, markers just about anything you can throw at it really. 
 I appreciate that you can open it up to make connections within your work - something you simply cannot do easily with a conventional sketchbook unless you scan,photograph it..  This would be useful intepretation for exhibitions too.  Looking at stuff out of the corner of my eye to set off a creative spark or two in my mind its perfiect for that.  The downside is that the the spine isn't conventional so working out doors could be tricky unless you have a board or flat surface -  In summary though its a brilliant design and its functional too!

I will recommend this to my students and other  sketchbook appreciators - put this on your christmas list.  Their product description - "A5 concertina book with no fewer than 70 possible working surfaces - each page is 2 sheets joined to give stability. 140gsm paper and black cloth end-covers all in an elegant hard carrying case."

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