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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Life Drawing - Experiments with mark making

A day in the life room at Staffordshire University with first year students producing large studies using brown wrapping paper, black and white ready mixed paint and lots of different sized offcuts of card each used like a palette knife.  Started each session with some mark making experiments learning how to work the card for maximum expression.
This really is such a liberating and expressive approach to take in the life room.. Most of the work produced by the students was bold and inspiring and I am looking forward to reading some blog posts about the day  -   I then spent the evening life drawing too!
The mark making exercise was shown to me in a life drawing workshop I attended in 2010 by Bridget Woods, artist tutor and author  I would recommend her life drawing workshops and her excellent book - "Life Drawing a Journey of Self Expression."


  1. what a nice way to free up the hand.... and the brown paper is so lovely..... no scary white surface!! will try it.....:o)

  2. I was drawn to this when I saw it as a thumbnail. The freedom of movement works so well, reminiscent of a cityscape.

  3. Hey cheers ladies - I couldnt fit my life drawings on my scanner 'cause they are big so will photograph them soon - but really wanted to upload a representation of an enjoyable day in the life room - the materials are really cheap too! An excellent artist and author taught me this technique - her name is Bridget Woods and her brilliant book is called "Life Drawing a journey of self expression"

  4. I really like this life drawing approach, I might give this a go at my next life drawing class :)