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Monday, 16 January 2012

Fifty Two Prints - Two Years

Good news as I start my first day in a Studio Share I have taken on near to the house and my kids school this wednesday - It Wellington Road Art Studio in Oxton. It has been over twenty years since I had my own studio space I suppose I did'nt really need one until now but it felt great moving in on saturday.   -  a quick look back before plunging feet first into 2012.
Two years since I started to carve vinyl and make relief prints in my parallel universe - I counted up my vinyl plates this week and I have carved 52  give or take a few mostly on my kitchen table at night listening to B.B.C 6 music (Guy Garveys finest hour) , Bill Calahan and Bonny Prince Billy   
Its been a really exhilarating journey going places in my head and a fresh education :-  sketching, planning, colour comps, applying, being rejected, being accepted and exhibiting and selling my work in all sorts of crazy places - I have met loads of fascinating people along the way who have encouraged me to have inky fingers and keep digging the vinyl - so here's to them and all who appreciate a splash of colour!  


  1. Congratulations on the studio share! :) Love the photos of your work, the prints look great in those wooden frames :)

  2. Hi Chloe - nice to hear from you - first day in the studio tomorrow; planning on wearing lots of jumpers and drinking lots of tea to keep warm!!! Really liked the new embroidered garden birds on your blog in your last few posts! Havent had much time to read blogs over xmas so it has been great to catch up on my reading and start posting again too.

  3. That's great news Laura! Onwards and upwards with new studio space, it's well deserved.

    Let me know when you want some more work doing, I believe I still owe you some hours.

  4. cheers matthew i was thinking it would be great to try and do some stuff at uni on thu 2nd of feb 10.00 - 4.00 if you are free. that will also coincide with the second BAA screening if you want to see that i'll txt you too.

    all best