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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Relief printing experiments with funky foam

Worked on a different approach to my
"feathering the nest"
Idea by cutting out shapes using a product called funky foam with scissors. Used a dress makers pattern cutting wheel and a hole punch to add detail then placed and printed each part separately on hand made gampi paper. The texture and colour of the flowers remind me of the blossom and dog roses in my front garden. Still needs work though.


  1. This is looking lovely and the image in the previous post is too! Funky foam is a very useful thing for printing with :)

    1. hi chloe thanks for the comment - I am a "confined to barracks" at the moment with my printing - not really able to silk screen larger work yetso have returned my kitchen table for a bit. The Funky foam is so accessible when time and resources are stretched!