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Monday, 18 August 2014

Blog Hop

This is my first post in ages - the title is "Blog Hop" lately I have been 
using Twitter more as a sort of mini blog 
about my practice and interests (it fits in well with my lifestyle.)
My commercial creative practice was inspired by reading great blogs 
- a source of stimuation and information. Blogs are a useful way to gain insight 
and direction for your work

One of the best by far is
by Craig a textile designer / illustrator / photographer. Craig writes a truly 
inspirational blog in which he shares interviews with a plethora of established 
artists and designers alongside posts about his own creative life and work.

It was Craig who invited me to take part in the Around the world creative blog hop - he in turn was invited by Claire Leggett
The first question is "What am I working on?"
I am preparing 12 of my miniature prints to exhibit from the 9 September at 
Bankside Gallery in London - in "artichoke Artists" exhibition 
of original printmaking. 
I first visited Artichoke in Brixton in 2013 
when I won their studio prize for a mini print called "seven birds" 
as part of the 8th British in mini print exhibition.

I am also working on relief & intaglio prints for a Christmas 
direct selling exhibition with a wonderful group of local artists and designers 
called The Oxton Artists - we recently curated this fabulous fundraiser:-
I have recently become a member
The second question is "how does my work differ from others of its genre?"
I am first and foremost a relief and now intaglio print maker - 
My work is influenced by rich & ancient Japanese tradition of relief printmaking 
without the use of a press - baren printmaking on washi paper. 
I am fascinated by the texture of paper and avariciously horde & seek out 
exquisite paper from places like Falkiners
Lawrence Printmaking Supplies &
John Purcell. 

What gives my work its originality is that I use tiny personal visual diaries 
that I draw in regularly - I document happenings in my life - 
things I have seen recently like urban foxes, decorative door irons, 
trees and cemetery hares! I also grew up leafing through wallpaper pattern 
books in my dads painting and decorating shop. Third question,"Why do I write/create what I do?"
Honestly i really need to draw because it satisfies me. 
I have been a fractional university lecturer at Staffordshire University for 
twenty years at - before that worked as an animation producer. 
It's common to sacrifice creative practice because lecturing is such a full on job. I am fortunate that I can and I have deliberately chosen to work fractionally so that I can create my own work in free time - this has led to to self expression, self employment exhibition and collaboration and meeting some inspirational people on that journey like Craig : - I think these real world encounters make me more vibrant and relevant as an academic it also fulfills a desire I have to express myself creatively through drawing, printmaking and design. Fourthly ,"How does my writing/illustration/creative process work?"
Everything starts with a rushed and scrappy little doodle or thumbnail 
in a tiny sketchbook often when I am out with family. 
Sometimes I have drawn on the back of an envelope or till receipt if that's all 
I have in my bag. I draw things that I notice or strike me in my daily life 
and then these sketches become the substance and raw material for my 
printmaking and design. Most of my prints are made on my kitchen table and 
sometimes if I'm lucky and can make the time in my schedule 
The Bluecoat Liverpool 
and now Artichoke. 
I have encountered some great designer/artist bloggers through my Twitter feed
and here are two of the most creative and interesting... drum roll 
(hop to there lovely blogs and take a look)
I am nominating for the Blog Hop:- 

Kate Marsden Textile Designer/Fibre Artist & blogger
 Fabric designed by Kate Marsden
and Midori Takaki Ceramic Sculptor & blogger

Angels by Midori Takaki 
I have been amused, delighted and informed by the Tweets and Posts of these 
creative people and I am sure you will too!
Finally I would like to nominate one of the 2014 Gradating Students from 
the BA Hons Stop Motion and Puppet Fabrication Course at Staffordshire University. 
Rob Millard Graduated with a first class honours degree and updates
with animation, illustration and design projects & commissions that he 
self initiates. 

I hope you enjoy hopping to their blogs & stay tuned into my blog as I'm planning 
to post more regularly about my developments and techniques in 
my printmaking practice! Thanks to Craig for the Nudge to bring back my blogging! Laura ;-)


  1. What a huge wealth of links and information, no wonder you're reluctant to blog too often, that must have taken you ages lol Great t see what you're up to, I love seeing your photos and hearing about what's springing forth from your creative foam next ; ) My only problem is that I don't get to see you very often... lets have a Manchester session sometime soon. Keep up the blogging, suits you misses !

  2. It's so nice to know the background of your beautiful work. As I like Japanese woodprints, I see why I am attracted by your prints, especially stylised animals. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Hello Laura I came to your blog via Midori. I enjoyed reading about your art and your work process. Thank you.

    1. Thanks Charlene Doiron R I love Midori's work which I found on Twitter. I need to start blogging a bit more!