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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Amelia's Magazine 10th Anniversary edition : That Which We Do NotUnderstand

This year I have been developing my printmaking practice and exhibiting my work further afield - this is exactly how I began a dialogue with Amelia Gregory the creator of Amelia's Magazine. I admire Amelia's determination, the the body of work she has created and her commitment to promoting the work emergent creative talent. Amelia was kind enough to feature my May 2014 exhibition at South Bank Print makers. I love to draw and look at beautiful design and Amelia's mission to print exquisite publications featuring original art and writing appeals so much to me. I was delighted to see the Illustration call for #TWWDNU and wanted to support the Kickstarter campaign and also submit an illustration to see if it might make the cut. 

I often spend time drawing extraordinary objects in dimly lit galleries and museums - strange creatures capture my attention. The idea of all the skilled artisans from many centuries ago carving, weaving and drawing what could only be imagined animals and birds really appeals to me. 

This little creature caught my eye so I sketched it in my Moleskine using pencil & Brushpen. She was scampering delicately along an antique Chinoiserie ceremonial banner chest, foraging for berries. She looked almost animated in the half light of the room. She delighted me and I can only imagine the effect she had on visitors in the 17th century. My final composition is produced on Bristol Board and is a hybrid technique using relief printmaking, Biro and Brushpen drawing. 

I am looking forward to seeing "That Which We Do Not Understand" when I get my postal delivery  - I have secured my copy by backing the Kickstarter Campaign.
The campaign is still open and is so tantalisingly close to achieving £12,000.00 target and every little bit helps so please visit the page and make a pledge too if you can!

There is a great deal of interest in the project and you can read more about it here :

As a lecturer in a faculty of art and design I am encouraged by the fact that as I post well over 300 people have backed this original print publication   - and I have my fingers crossed that my work may make the cut. 



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