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Friday, 25 May 2012

Click,Boom, Amazing!

This is a picture of the  new bureau that I have set up in the Kitchen/studio - taken on my "new ipad" I have been very distracted by the ipad and its total loveliness over the last few days particularly the camera function. I have rarely been able to put it down.  I know that it will be fantastic for documenting my processes, to draw and to collect images. It has however been an absolute bugger to post images onto this Blogger account. (which was partly the reason for getting it) I am sitting here thumping away on the husbands ancient Dell to post this! To get this picture here I had to email it to myself from the ipad then save it to my PC and post it from there. I am sure there must be an easier way around this -  it is dead easy to post onto facebook and twitter. Maybe I will have to switch to Wordpress or Tumblr?


  1. Hi Laura,
    There is an app you can download called Blogsy where you can link your blogger account and use it to post and add photos from your camera roll. :)

  2. Hi Emma thanks for the tip off - I really wasn't ready to fall out with my iPad just yet!