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Sunday, 27 May 2012

The Garden - my destination

A day spent in the garden (thats our quarter in the bottom left hand corner of this photograph). The neighbours have acres that go right around our garden and that provides the views of fantastic trees! I was repotting bamboo's and feeding all the container plants. After a great deal of procrastination I have reached a conclusion -  its best to adapt the available space you have to make it work better for you - a compromise. So I am working on this. I have made a start in cleaning out the old shed (extreme left)  this week - full of old toys and junk. A conventional studio hasnt worked so the best place for me to work is probably going to be in a bigger shed right here. The next step will be to take the old shed down in the next couple of weeks, relocate it and replace it with something more robust that can be used all year round - that's the plan.

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